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Sounds of Aspirin

A sonic exploration of the manufacture and use of aspirin by Peter Falconer

Over several months in 2017 I collected sounds made by and pertaining to the manufacture of Apririn.  Sounds were taken from sites in Chipping Norton, UK; and Wuppertal, Germany.

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Discovery | Manufacture | Consumption

Tree Removal


Sounds surrounding the discovery of aspirin, taken from Salix Alba (Willow Trees) around Chipping Norton, UK. 

Includes extracts from the diaries and sermons of Reverend Edmund Stone

Medicine Prescription


Since 1897, Aspirin has been manufactured in Wuppertal, Germany.  These are sounds of the manufacturing and packaging process.

City Traffic at Night


There are myriad uses of Aspirin. 

These sounds document some of the ways we use the drug, and how it affects us.  

WARNING: Includes recordings of surgical procedures

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